Shift light review

I thought I’d take a minute to blog about low cost-high value modifications.

The last modification we did to the car besides weight reduction (which is really a continuous improvement process), was a shift light. I searched long and hard for a compact, standalone unit that wouldn’t break the bank. I found Raptor Performance, a small company out of NC that sold them for about $105USD. There were no issues with shipping etc. It also comes with very simple and sturdy mounting hardware.

This shift light allows you to set RPM both by 100x and 1000x which simply makes sense. The setup took next to no time, and the wiring was pretty much a breeze as well, power (recommended a fused source direct from the battery but did not include one), ground, and signal from the coil. The light comes in blue, red, yellow, green. It comes with both a somewhat clear rubber cap to mute it slightly in the daytime (think direct sunlight) and a colour coordinated rubber cap for night use. Both of the covers worked perfectly and allowed the light to be seen in the bottom of my vision without distracting me. All colours are available solely in bright LED models.

Performance wise, I found that it’s one of those final touches shall we say, which helps you drastically in terms of shift discipline. Previously, I found myself having to look at the tach. and away from the road, accidentally shift early or slam into rev limiter due to attempting to hear when to shift. At Tallpines (the first event with the light installed) things could not have gone more smoothly, it allows you to run the gears out completely (tq wise) and carry more speed into corners. It also improved acceleration due to being able to maximize the torque curve.

All in all I would give this product a 5/5 for it’s ease of installation, compact size, light weight, standalone nature and it’s performance in car.

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