Exciting weekend at Perce Neige

The Juggernaut Motorsports team had quite an exciting, although brief weekend at Rally Perce Neige 2011. We rolled the car on SS2 ‘Des Eaux’. After a couple of frost heaves unsettled the car violently multiple times we were then along for the ride. Gary and I are both fine. After flipping end over end we thankfully clipped only a couple of small trees and the damage is not severe, lots of dents though. After the car was extracted, it even drove back to service! 

The issue that caused this is directly related to the suspension and this is something that we will be spending some serious time finding a solution to. A repeat for the same reason is neither welcomed nor desired. 

The cage has yet to be scrutineered but the general consensus seemed to be that it is ok. We will confirm when it gets it’s approval.

For your viewing pleasure:

A BIG thank you to all of the organizers, more than ample numbers of volunteers, other competitors and of course sweep! It was a great weekend even though our result was rather unexpected. Also a special thanks to our service crew (Kyle and James), you guys were awesome and as always we couldn’t have done it without you! Good times in 2wd with Rally Sputnik, Paul H, Alexei and Angela, and the Nichols. Lots of great stories shared and can’t wait to see all of the familiar faces again!  

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