Damage and Repair Status

After peeling the roof off from the Perce Neige crash, we have discovered a couple issues that require our attention. As it turns out, we hit the tree a lot harder than we thought we did. One of the half laterals has been dented in and needs replacement as does the roof X, which was sort of pinched when one of its bars bent from the same tree impact just prior to the half lateral.

The pictures speak for themselves but you can see a bow in the bar on the right side of the picture in the roof X which joins to the main hoop and half lateral, and the obvious dent in the half lateral in the next picture.

Though rather unfortunate circumstances, we would like to thank Ronnie O’Brien of O’Brien Motorsports for building a cage that allowed us to escape this incident free of harm. We will be working with Ronnie for the cage repair and plan on competing at the 2011 Lanark Highlands Forest Rally!

Since then, we have completed a partial tear down of the car, completed a little seam welding, and removed most of the glass (to be replaced with Lexan) etc. to prepare for LHFR in May.

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