Juggernaut Motorsports Contests GCFR With Single Car Effort

After a great result for both cars at the Black Bear Rally in July (back-story and results to follow), Juggernaut Motorsports will be contesting the Galway Cavendish Forest Rally with a single car effort in the picturesque Kawartha Highlands this weekend. With the forecast calling for a potentially wet road surface, this typically quick road may add a reduction in grip levels to the mix.

This is Gary Sutherland’s first time seeing this road from the driver seat and the limestone quarry road promises at least a few new experiences!

Juggernaut Motorsports would like to thank their partners; NV Auto, CDN Rally and O’Brien Motorsports for their continued support!

‘The team and crew are looking very forward to spending a weekend in the Kawartha Highlands; rain or shine! See you there!’ – Andrew

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