Successful weekend at Tallpines for Juggernaut Motorsports

Juggernaut Motorsports had yet another successful weekend at the 2012 Rally of the Tallpines. Due to unfortunate circumstances the car of Sutherland/Gospodinov suffered a mechanical DNF early in the day but would live on in the form of cannibalized parts in the other team car of Kulikowski/Sleigh.

The Kulikowski/Sleigh car would push through the days competitive stages taking 2nd in class (Group 2), 9th in region and 3rd 2WD. It was not without effort though as the team battled ball joint issues for the majority of the day. The roads proved to be a challenge for many teams and tire choice was a crucial element of the event.

“The road surfaces were really varied and some sections of the longer stages were downright scary on gravel tires. Having seen the multiple flats of others teams including both front runners I feel that I made the right tire choice trading maximum grip of snow/ice tires for the reinforced sidewalls of gravel tires.” A. Kulikowski

Keep an eye on Juggernaut Motorsports for another exciting year in 2013! Neither car will be attending Rallye Perce Neige however look for both at the Lanark Highlands Forest Rally!

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