Lanark Highlands Forest Rally Recap 2013

The Juggernaut Motorsports team returned to Lanark County for the 2013 Lanark Highlands Forest Rally.  After both cars DNF’d at last year’s event both drivers were hoping that history wouldn’t repeat itself.

Sutherland/Gospodinov started the rally off with a much improved pace from the previous year. “I felt really good at the start of the rally; despite some troubles we had with notes I was really happy with our pace. On the first stage we beat our time last year by just over a minute which I was quite pleased about.” G.Sutherland

Unfortunately on stage 4, Sutherland/Gospodinov hit a rock which dented their rim so badly that it managed to cut the front passenger side brake line which caused them to DNF. “It was very surprising when I went to push the brakes and my foot went right to the floor; luckily we were able to pull over in a safe area.” G.Sutherland

With a bit of a slow start at the beginning of the day, Kulikowski/Vincent ended up setting some very competitive stage times.  ”Despite some issues early in the day with both pace and the car, Derek helped me regain my focus for a great final result” A.Kulikowski

At the end of the day Kulikowski/Vincent ended up 2nd place (open 2wd) and 3rd place novice. Both teams had a good weekend over all and will both be appearing at the Black Bear Forest Rally on July 13th.

We would like to thank our sponsors as well: NV Auto, HID Canada and O’Brien Motorsports

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