Black Bear Rally Recap 2013

The Juggernaut Motorsports team was in full force at the 2013 Black Bear Forest Rally this year.  After both cars finished 1st and 2nd in class last year, both drivers were looking for similar results.

Sutherland/Gospodinov started the rally off with a moderate pace, trying to get a feel for the rough terrain. “I started off the rally fairly cautious trying to get a handle on the rougher roads. With my last event being the Lanark Highlands Forest Rally and not getting very far at the Rally of the Tall Pines it had been a while since I had raced on these kinds of roads.” G.Sutherland

At the end of the day Sutherland/Gospodinov survived the rally and ended up first 2WD. “It was a very tough rally but we made it to the end. Many of the other competitors started dropping out for one issue or another so near the end of the day my strategy was to bring the car back in one piece and finish. ” G.Sutherland

Andrew brought a new co-driver on board for the Black Bear rally this year. A very experienced co-driver named Kelly Mathew from the 2 Brits Racing rally team.

Kulikowski/Mathew started the day off with a very competitive pace. “Having the experience and tact of Kelly Mathew in the co-driver seat allowed me to get much closer to my potential in the car. Although we had a catastrophic suspension failure on stage 3, we were again increasing our pace at the time and it’s exciting to know how much room we have to improve!”

At the end of the day Kulikowski/Mathew had to retire on the 3rd stage due to the front passenger side suspension shearing. Before the failure they were running very impressive stage times running in the top 10.

Both teams will be back for the Rally of the Tall Pines on November 29th - 30th

We would like to thank our sponsors: NV Auto, HID Canada and O’Brien Motorsports

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