Lanark Highlands Forest Rally 2014

The Lanark Highlands Forest Rally was highly anticipated for the Juggernaut team after the 5-month break in between events. With its tight and twisty stages, Lanark is a rally well liked by both drivers.

The day started off well for both teams with steady paces from both drivers. The day was fairly uneventful with both Juggernaut cars making it on the 2WD podium 1st and 3rd positions, the first time both cars made it on the podium together since both cars started competing.

“It was a great day overall, I felt good with my pace, the notes were good and I kept improving and getting more and more comfortable as the day progressed. I had one small moment when I hit a rock on the front passenger side, which dented the rim, but it didn’t puncture the tire luckily. It was a great feeling to finish this race and make it on the podium, as I hadn’t finished this race in the two previous years I competed.” G. Sutherland

“Lanark is a challenging event and I struggled mentally and physically preparing myself for it last year. It is a road that pays dividends when driven committed and with great focus. This year we managed to get a decent handle on it and I was able to overcome my preparation woes” A. Kulikowski

The team’s next event will be the Black Bear Rally in July 2014.

We would like to thank our sponsors as well: NV Auto, HID Canada, O’Brien Motorsports and Vita Graphica.

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