The Team


Andrew Kulikowski, Age 31

I am a University of Guelph graduate with a Bachelor of Arts in Sociology. I am currently living one of my dreams: racing a rally car in the OPRC/CRC. I spend my spare time with friends, working on cars and thinking about ways to better both the car and myself to achieve the most out of this phenomenal experience.  I am truly grateful to be rallying at such a young age. I earnestly believed it would have taken many more years to become involved at this level. In just a few short years, I have gone from having an interest in navigational rally to competing in full on performance rally. It’s been a long road that has passed quickly and I can’t wait to see the rest of it!

I have to extend a large THANK YOU to everyone who has helped to this point in any regard with the car and our team.  The rally community is unbelievable in it’s support of each other! I think that you would be hard pressed to find another sport where rival teams band together to help a competitor achieve the greatest success possible. I would especially like to thank my family for their support, as well as our friends who volunteer their weekends to brave the cold/rain/mud waiting for us to come back from the stages to band-aid the car back together. Sometimes though, the opposite scenario occurs and it’s us waiting for the crew + trailer and it’s then that we really understand exactly how awesome they are.


Gary Sutherland, Age 28

I am a Fanshawe College graduate with an advanced diploma in Construction Engineering.  I enjoy spending my free time with friends, working on cars, snowboarding and traveling every opportunity I can get. I try not to take life too seriously and like to have a good time.

It has been an amazing experience building my own car. Rallying has taken me to so many new places, I have had lots of great times, have lots of great stories and have no signs of slowing in sight. I would like to thank my family for all of their support, my friends for being there and coming to rallies to help me in any way possible and to anyone else that has helped me to get where I am today.

Juggernaut Crew Member

James Attridge, Age 27

James is extremely dedicated to the team. He is responsible for towing one of the Juggernaut cars to each event as well as very quick and efficient at fixing the things on the cars when they come back from the stages. wether it’s zip tieing something small back on the car or cutting a large piece of the car off, James always gets it done on time. James is also a magician when it comes to the electrical side of things. There is nothing he can’t fix.

Juggernaut Crew Member

Kyle Power, Age 32

Kyle is a huge asset to the Juggernaut team. He is organized, methodical and isn’t afraid to jump in on whatever needs to be done. Kyle waits for the cars to check in at service when they come in from the stages to make sure he knows what has to be done to the cars to get them out back on the stages without incurring any late penalties.



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