Fun Quotes


Pat Richard on grip at Perce Neige 2010:

Interviewer: “…and with the conditions out here are you going to be able to find the grip to make up that time as well?”

Pat: “Ahhh there’s no grip, you’ve just got to
give’er and pray”

After we get the transmission back in place:

Andrew: “And we didn’t even need a clutch alignment tool.”
Gary: “We ARE clutch alignment tools.”

“These days you don’t need to ask if your co-driver’s ok…Of course he’s ok!”
-Crazy Leo

After thoroughly inspecting the cage:
“Oh yea…you’ll have nooo problems rolling in this thing.”
-The competition

“No matter what place you finish, you finish a champion.”
-Dale Earnhardt

“It’s a Subaru, it never has gas”

“I drive the car with my words”

“You ran Neige with an open diff.?!…
You don’t LOOK crazy!”
-A Competitor

“My side back hurts”   After a downhill section of rather rough road at Tallpines.

“I’m sure it’s fine…”

“What the F is Noix de Coacoa!?”

“It’s like a hamster blowing through a straw.”
-Bryce of Rallysputnik in regards to the fans in the Lada.

After Terry Epp provided a thorough explanation of the challenging conditions urging caution to all of the novice seed 5/6 teams, especially on Kitigan Zibi which claimed 7 cars last year:

“That’s where we put the hammer down.”
-Paul Hartl

After asking what compound I should be looking for:

“The softest tire you can get back to service on.” -John Nichols

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