Juggernaut Motorsports Teams Up With Over The Hill Rally Team

Gary Sutherland from Juggernaut Motorsports has teamed up with Paul Hartl from the Over The Hill Rally Team this weekend at Rally Americas Sno*Drift Rally in Atlanta Michigan.

Unfortunately Paul’s regular co-driver had succumb to an injury just days before the event. “I was originally going up with Paul to help crew for him, but on Tuesday Paul called me asking if I would like to co-drive for him instead” said Gary. “Paul and I scrambled to get my rally licence renewed and thanks to CARS for being so accommodating everything is now in order.”

Check out the Sno*Drift site for updates! http://www.sno-drift.org/

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Car Is Back And Tear Down Has Begun!

The cage has now been completed from O’brien Motorsports and the car is now back in the shop and disassembly has already started. Check back for more updates!

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Juggernaut Motorsports Adds Another Car To The Roster

After two years in the silly seat Juggernaut Motorsports’ co-driver Gary Sutherland has started a rally car build of his own. Taking after his teammate Andrew Kulikowski, Gary has also chosen a 2000 Ford Focus ZX3 to prep for rally.  They plan to have both cars out at the Lanark Highlands Forest Rally in May 2012.

Check back for more build updates!

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Juggernaut Motorsports Heads South of the Border to Compete in our First International Event!

The team is heading to Black River Stages in Harrisville, Croghan NY this weekend! We’re looking forward to a few new roads and lots of Focus competition!

Watch for our updates on Twitter pending cell service.


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Good Luck To All Competing At Defi!

Juggernaut Motorsports would like to wish everyone competing at the Rallye Defi this weekend good luck and to keep it on the road!

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Juggernaut Motorsports Welcomes a New Partner!

Recently, we have been lucky enough to add a media partner to our team. Many of you know him already as he always seems to be everywhere.

The man: Peter Mac

The place: CDNRally.com.

Though we have worked informally with Peter before, we would like to formally welcome his awesome attitude and thorough coverage to the team!

Keep an eye on his website for event updates!

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Restructuring the Season!

Regrettably, we did not have the opportunity to compete at the Lanark Highlands Forest Rally this year due to un-forseen logistical issues regarding cage repair. We did however get the chance to volunteer, which meant we saw all of the usual suspects and met a few new ones. We were also afforded the luxury of a couple in depth conversations with competitors Pat Rainville and Sylvain Erickson amongst others.

The delay in cage repair has given us some time to rethink our goals and desires for this season. Looking forward, our tentative schedule is as follows:

Can-Jam Motorsports Black Bear Rally  – a possibility

Rallye Baie-Des-Chaleurs

Rallye Defi

Rally of the Tallpines

Rallye Perce Neige

Stay tuned for the yet-to-be-seen changes to the cars appearance!!

Here are a few of the pictures we managed to capture from LHFR 2011:

Also, a couple videos uploaded to youtube!

Rally Sputnik in the Lada

Michelle in her Evo

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Repairs Are Underway!

Yes it is only two and a half weeks until the Lanark Highlands Forest Rally but we are well underway with the repairs after our roll at Perce Neige.

Part of this weekend and part of last weekend were spent at the wreckers getting replacement parts for the Focus. Some of the parts included new side mirrors, a new roof skin and some other goodies you will soon get to see!

We have added a few extra items to the exterior, both of which increase the performance, as well as the look of the car. Many of you have become familiar with our electrical tape designs,  but be ready for a little bit of a change!

We are still shooting for the car to be ready May 7th for the Lanark Highlands Forest Rally.

I have posted a few pictures of the car in “deconstruction mode.”

Check It Out!

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Rallye Perce Neige Video Up!

Hey Everyone,

I have finally finished our video showing our short time on the stages in Quebec at the Rallye Perce Neige.

As many of you already know we rolled, but hopefully this gives you another view into our team and some of the work we had done from Tall Pines until Perce Neige.

Check it out!

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Damage and Repair Status

After peeling the roof off from the Perce Neige crash, we have discovered a couple issues that require our attention. As it turns out, we hit the tree a lot harder than we thought we did. One of the half laterals has been dented in and needs replacement as does the roof X, which was sort of pinched when one of its bars bent from the same tree impact just prior to the half lateral.

The pictures speak for themselves but you can see a bow in the bar on the right side of the picture in the roof X which joins to the main hoop and half lateral, and the obvious dent in the half lateral in the next picture.

Though rather unfortunate circumstances, we would like to thank Ronnie O’Brien of O’Brien Motorsports for building a cage that allowed us to escape this incident free of harm. We will be working with Ronnie for the cage repair and plan on competing at the 2011 Lanark Highlands Forest Rally!

Since then, we have completed a partial tear down of the car, completed a little seam welding, and removed most of the glass (to be replaced with Lexan) etc. to prepare for LHFR in May.

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