The Cars

2000 Ford Focus ZX3 (Andrew)

2000 Ford Focus ZX3 (Gary)


Vehicle Specifications:
Engine 2.0L L4 DOHC 16 valves
HP (hp@rpm) 130 @ 5500
Torque (lb.ft@rpm) 135 @ 4500
Drivetrain Front-wheel drive
Transmission 5 speed manual, FDR 3.82:1 Upgraded 4.75:1, KAAZ LSD
Brakes 280 x 25 mm vented front rotors/280mm solid rear rotors
Suspension (Front) Independent, Bilstein 50mm Struts
Suspension (Back) Independent, Bilstein Struts
Dimensions / Weight:
Length (mm) 4270
Width (mm) 1699
Height (mm) 1430
wheelbase (mm) 2616
Curbweight (kg) 1157*
Fuel Tank Capacity (L) 49

*2620lbs wet, rally ready with 1/2 tank of gas, w/o drivers

Rollcage: Built to above FIA standards-DOM tubing

The cars have been built to Open Two Wheel Drive (O2WD) specifications. O2WD is defined as a class with the main restrictions being maintaining a 2wd drivetrain, an adjusted engine displacement of less than 2400cc. Most everything else is “free” to replacement and/or modification. There is no minimum weight restriction for this class.

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